About us

Since 1985, PERILLO® Milano Service has offered its support for cleaning and facility management services in Milan to important Law Firms, Fashion Companies, Buildings and Stores that have relied on the company for years for the qualified personalization of the service and for the attention to the needs of the customer. Active for over 20 years in the fashion district in Milan, we carry out our business throughout Italy. We are proud to have implemented the new Maggiordomo aziendale® service in Milan to meet all those needs related to work-life balance. The company butler is in fact an exclusive service in the context of corporate welfare in Milan, to be offered to its employees to help them carry out, with tranquility and speed, activities such as Laundry, Shopping, Tailoring, Handling administrative procedures and paying bills.

We ensure maximum efficiency, budget optimization and guarantee highly competitive value for money. We plan the work phases, and take care of their execution, with constant monitoring by dedicated managers who control the work of the chosen personnel, according to the client’s peculiarities.