We carry out all types of sanitizations in Milan, from the civil and industrial sector to the school and fashion sector. Organization, flexibility, and speed, with dedicated management for every type of urgency will be at your service.

Our interventions are carried out in full compliance with the Anti-covid regulations and using high-performance products that guarantee quality at the end of the service and customer satisfaction, who will immediately feel safer.

In addition, our cleaning tools are designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact, thanks to the optimization of the use of used products and the disposal of the associated waste. Sanitization of workplaces in Milan is our strength and we will be happy to support any of your needs.

Our sanitization and disinfection service provides a series of deep cleaning treatments that lead to a virucidal action, aimed at destroying and deactivate those microorganisms that surround us and that we are found in every work and leisure environment.

We use bleach and ethyl alcohol in very dirty areas, such as the external parts of roads or near manholes and drains, where dirt is also organic and where “destructuring” acids are needed. For the rest we use ozone, a natural gas that allows us to obtain a natural and non-polluting reaction, useful for protecting the environment.